Sentinel-3 Cal/Val

The main advantage of the PFAC’s geographical location is that it allows calibration of the same Sentinel-3A pass (i.e., Pass No. 14) with two independent calibration methodologies. Sentinel-3A Pass No. 014 is an ascending orbit. Thus as the satellite approaches the calibration facility, the well-established and standardized sea-surface calibration is employed with the Gavdos Cal/Val site. A few seconds later, the transponder calibration takes place at the CDN1 Cal/Val site on the mountains of west Crete at an elevation of 1100m.

The descending orbit S3A of No. 335 is also calibrated with sea-surface at the Gavdos Cal/Val.

The following transponder calibrations have been carried out so far at the CDN1 Cal/Val site for Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B.


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