Aim & Objectives

The aim of the SeRAC project is to:

Support the absolute altimeter calibration during the Operational Phase of the Sentinel-3A & -3B missions, including the Commissioning Phase of S-3B for the surface topography element, by maintaining and operating the CDN1 Sentinel-3 Altimeter Calibration Site in West Crete, Greece.

The objective of the SeRAC project is to:

Ensure the routine operation and maintenance of the CDN1 transponder Cal/Val site for Sentinel-3A Routine Operational Phase (ROP) but also for Sentinel-3B in Commissioning and ROP. The transponder Cal/Val operations shall be further supported by the sea-surface Cal/val sites established at the Permanent Facility for Altimetry Calibration (PFAC) in west Crete, Greece.

Funded by the EU and ESA