CAL/VAL Results


The Sentinel-3 Cal/Val results as of processing of October 2019 and presented at the 2019 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting are:

Transponder (range) Cal/Val:

Sea-surface Cal/Val:


Note that major reprocessing is currently on-going.

The latest transponder responses as captured by the European satellite altimeters overflying the CDN1 Cal/Val site are:


Transponder responses for the CryoSat-2 mission (special Cal/Val testing), 12-Feb-2020 calibration at the CDN1 Cal/Val site (credits: ESA)


Transponder responses for the Sentinel-3A mission, 10-Mar-2020 calibration at the CDN1 Cal/Val site.


Transponder responses for the Sentinel-3B mission, 18-Feb-2020 calibration at the CDN1 Cal/Val site.

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