The SeRAC project is organized around five mandatory (No. 1-5) and two optional (No. 6-8) tasks

Task-1: Infrastructure and Instrumentation Maintenance

This task encompasses the maintenance of the PFAC and related on-site instrumentation to guarantee the nominal operations of the Sentinel-3 Surface Topography Mission calibration at the PFAC.

Task-2: Sentinel‐3 STM Calibration Site Operations

This task covers the activities required to operate the transponder for each Sentinel-3 over-flight at the PFAC.

Task-3: Validation of the SRAL Ocean Science data vs in-situ measurements

This task covers the activities required to perform validation of the L2 STM science products versus in-situ tide gauges measurements deployed in Crete and Gavdos Island.

Task-4: Upgrade of the ESA Sigma0 transponder

This task covers the upgrade and characterisation of the ESA Sigma0 transponder for compliance with the Sentinel-3 SRAL instrument specifications.

Task-5: Outreach, Communication and Promotion

This task includes the necessary activities of communication and outreach toward the user community and reporting to ESA.

Task-6: Range Transponder Characterization [OPTIONAL]

This task encompasses the re-characterization of the transponder, necessary to ensure reliability and stability of the transponder instrumentation on the long term.

Task-7: Sigma0 Transponder Deployment and Operations [OPTIONAL]

This task encompasses the deployment of the ESA Sigma0 Transponder at the CDN1 Cal/Val site and its operations.

Project's Flowchart

Funded by the EU and ESA